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Huskerland Hemp beds on the rich black, Blue River soil of the Nebraska farmland


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Same look. Different product. Although Huskerland Hemp CBD Oil looks like any other hemp oil on the market, what you can't see is the soil the hemp is planted in, the process in which the CBD is extracted, and the quality control in which it was made. This product wasn't just made overnight. It's taken years to perfect, and that's only a benefit to you. Use this oil to help with chronic pain, reduce anxiety, get a good night's sleep, and much more!

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Looking for something to apply directly at the source? Our CBD balm can be applied directly to the skin to help dryness, healing of wounds, and your skins natural defense system. Our balm is also helpful for localized areas of chronic pain. Because the balm doesn't reach the bloodstream, applying it to a sore back, injured muscle, or even areas of arthritis, you can reduce inflammation and speed up that healing process. Check back later for our CBD bath bombs!

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From honey to our newest Delta 8 gummies, our CBD just became edible! Eating a gummy before bed, or relaxing with a cup of hot tea with a drizzle of our honey, our products will help you in whatever way possible. Right now, the gummies come in an assortment of mixed flavors. As we continue to perfect our craft, we are incredibly excited to add these new products to our store for our customers to enjoy!

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Hemp has been cultivated for industrial purposes such as twine, rope, and linen since the beginning of the European settlements in the mid 1600 s in the US. Hemp was essential in the new country for survival staples. Thomas Jefferson has been quoted as saying “Hemp is of first necessity to wealth and protection of the country”. As the frontier moved west, hemp spread from Kentucky to Illinois, and on to Nebraska. By the close of the 19th century, Nebraska was number three in US hemp production.

Huskerland Hemp is born out of a small family run dairy and row crop farm. Our family’s emphasis has always been focused on quality and production, while treating the land and the livestock with the greatest of respect. As a childhood boy I gardened tomatoes peddling my produce in nearby residential areas and local grocery stores.

Nebraska is well suited for the cultivation of superb hemp because of the sunny hot humid summers it experiences. Our hemp beds are comprised of rich black, Blue River soils amended for optimum hemp growth and quality. These factors coupled with the selection of the industries best genetics enables our family to bring you the highest quality hemp products available.


Huskerland Hemp