CBD Oil (600mg) with Delta 8

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CBD Oil (600mg) with Delta 8

$ 36.00 USD


  • Container, 30 ml glass vial with calibrated glass dropper, (600 mg Full Spectrum CBD plus 300 mg Delta 8 / vial, minimum)
  • 20 mg of Full Spectrum CBD per 10 mg Delta 8 THC / ml
  • Flavor: natural hemp
  • Suggested use: Taking the edge off, reducing stress, strong sleep aid, diminished headaches and migraines, anti-viral properties, improved general heath. Delta 8 THC works together with Full Spectrum CBD, each enhancing  the properties of the other.

Huskerland Hemp Oils and Creams contain cannabinoid product that has been CO2 extracted. They are solvent free. The level of THC in Huskerland Hemp CBD oils and creams is undetectable. 

Shake the CBD oil vials well before filling the calibrated glass dropper and administer the product sublingually (beneath the tongue) for the best results.

The statements herein have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. Store in a cool dry location. All Huskerland Hemp products have been analyzed by a third-party lab. Analysis is available on request.

Huskerland Hemp is a Nebraska farm family product.